Friday, December 10, 2004
Super Dupper week!

That is how I look today! Jelek bangettt ...
My Goodness …. So little time so much to do! I’m heading to Jakarta tomorrow morning, and still have tons things to do. Contract for new deals, appointments, questionnaire. Walaaaahhh … belom lagi expense report, unfinished schedule. And the most horrable part is PACKING
Oleh-oleh buat mbak Dina, Mbak Indah en Dian. Bu Rudy … delivery donggggg!!!

This week is really … what a week!
Banyak inquiries masuk, banyak company visit, hopefully more deal for my new department! CooL ...

Well, well … akhirnya beres … tapi lenger-lenger. Yak apaaaa … takut kalo ada yang kurang pas saya cuti. Udah siapin things to do buat si Ervin siiy … Ah, sud laaa … they can survive without me in two days laaa ….

Have a super-dupper week-end, guys!

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