Friday, June 11, 2004
Things happen for a reason!

Luigi @ 01 Jun 2004 23:56:07
Dear Nien,

Like most people say that things happen for a reason, whether that reason we like it or otherwise. That test what kind of men/women are we in going through whatever they are. I would kindly ask you to ge strong when the going gets the tough gets going.

You've got an abundant great fellow all around you, from the closest corner and the most farther, like myself, we're here to support, so don't be a stranger! talk to us.

My warm and kind regards from the land of the darker skins and brighter-whiter smiles of Liberia, the jewel of west africa!

Like Liberians say: √Ągiooo...! (Adios!)

Comment from a very good friend of mine yang lagi far away di Afrique!

Saya faham banget bahwa everything emang happens for a reason, whatever it is, pasti saya bisa ambil hikmah nya.

Meskipun saya rasa kayaknya beraaaaatttt banget, tp I am sure Tuhan punya rencana yang Indah banget buat saya.

Dengan bagini saya juga tau, kalau saya punya temen-temen yang always there for me, no matter how close or far away they are at the moment! Mereka di sana saat saya nangis dan temen yang di sana saat saya tertawa.

Thnx guys!! You're the best!!!

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